Manage tasks.
Manage expectations.

Get things done with a forward-looking to-do list from Done by When.

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Your to-do list meets your calendar

Will it be done in time?

Find out how, or even if, your to-do list fits into your available working hours.

Beautifully combine your tasks and your working calendar.

Bigger tasks are bigger.

It sounds simple, but it makes all the difference. With Done by When, you actually see your to-do list.

Bigger tasks are bigger

On the same page, literally.

Share your to-do list with your team, and see what everyone else is working on.

You take responsibility for your own to-do list, while the team view keeps everyone up to speed.

Team to-do list software

Manage expectations.

With Done by When, you can easily answer questions like these:

  • Can we get project A and B done by Friday?
  • When can you start project C?
  • If you start X today, what happens to Y?

On the move.

Your Done by When to-do list looks great on pretty much any size screen. If you take your smart phone or iPad to meetings, you can manage expectations right there and then.

To do list for iPad, iPhone and Android

Getting Things Done®, for the rest of us.

Getting Things Done® (or GTD® as it’s sometimes called) is an awesome methodology for managing your time, but it requires really strict planning and discipline to make it work. You need the right mentality to get the most out of it.

While Done by When doesn’t force you into a strict GTD® process, it will gently encourage some of the best aspects of GTD® to help you focus.


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