The basics

Let’s keep this simple.

When you login with your Google Account, you are sharing your email address with us. This is how the login system knows who you are.

We will never rent, sell or share your email address with any other parties, unless ordered to do so by law.

We will only ever email you in relation to your Done by When account. If you would prefer not to receive any emails from us, you can opt out of all email updates on your settings page.

We do not have access to your password or any other content in your Google Account.

Systems that use cookies

These are systems we use, but which we do not have direct control over:

We use Google Analytics to track how people (anonymously) use this website. This shows us things like how many people sign-up, then go on to create a task and so on. It helps us to make Done by When a better tool. Google Analytics needs cookies to collect the most accurate data.

In the future we may use other tracking software like Google Analytics to learn how people like you use this website. We are not interested in tracking you as an individual, we simply want to know how our customers collectively use our service so that we can continue to make it better.

If you are using the free version of Done by When which is supported by advertising, it is very likely that the advertising companies will use cookies to track clicks on their adverts so they can manage how they spend their budget.

If you don’t like cookies you can switch them off in your web browser. Simply type the name of your browser and your request into your favourite search engine to find out how. E.g. “Manage cookies in Google Chrome” or “Manage cookies in Internet Explorer”.

It's a simple as that.

Sharing and Publishing

If you choose to share your todo list with particular individuals using our Team functionality, or to publish your todo list publicly then you are responsible for the content of your todo list, and for the act of publishing it.


As you’re logging in with a Google Account, you should be aware of Google’s Privacy policies too.