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  • You don't mind "paying" by seeing ads
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We’re cautious of ad-funded business models, so while we call it a 'free' account we want people to be aware that advertising does have it's own 'cost' to the user; mainly your focus and attention.

Our personal preference is to pay for our goods, services and entertainment as directly as possible rather than via advertising. But we also appreciate that many of you don't mind seeing ads, and that the internet is full of people happy to see ads in exchange for 'free' services. So we're giving you the choice as to which business model you prefer.

Ad-blocking software

Please don't use ad-blocking software when using Done by When. We understand why you use ad-blocking tools, and that many online services don't offer any legitimate way to avoid seeing the adverts you object too. But we do offer an alternative; we have an entirely ad-free version available at a really sensible price. Let's treat each others' time, effort and attention with respect.

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Built for you, not advertisers

We don't have any direct relationships with the advertisers who appear on Done by When. The ads come from third party advertising networks.

The benefit of this is that advertisers have no influence over how we develop our software. But the downside is that some ads might be extra-rubbish and we don't veto them.

We don't endorse any of the products or companies whose ads you see on your to-do list, and you can find out more about how the advertising networks work by clicking the AdChoices link in the corner of most ads.

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